Harassment During Holiday Office Parties

office partyJust because you’re “off the clock,” doesn’t make it right for your coworkers to act inappropriately around you. If you have recently attended an office party and found yourself in an uncomfortable or inappropriate situation, then you may have a case. 

The holiday season came and went in the blink of an eye. It is always filled with shopping, decorating, visiting with family and friends, and of course, holiday work parties. In the last few years, employers have been cutting back on holiday parties. Some speculate that this has something to do with the #MeToo Movement. This movement stands against sexual harassment and assault. You can read more about #MeToo here.

Inappropriate conduct, whether it’s visual, verbal, or physical, falls into the category of harassment. Work harassment can range from an uncomfortable or flirtatious comment about how someone looks or acts to inappropriate physical contact. This also includes indecent exposure, sharing inappropriate messages or photos, and sexual assault.  

If you or someone you love was subjected to any of these inappropriate forms of conduct at an office party, you should report the conduct immediately.  If any of this information resonates with an experience you’ve had during an office celebration, contact Carter Law for a free case evaluation. 

Employers may be held liable for harassment of employees and of non-employees in certain situations. If an individual is harassing someone at a work party, the employer is responsible for taking appropriate, corrective action. 

Some employers try different tactics to keep their holiday parties appropriate and professional. They may send out reminders beforehand of the company code of conduct, designate employees as undercover chaperones, or put limits on drinking. Even with precautions set in place, things can still go wrong. 

The Carter Law Firm has successfully recovered damages in sexual harassment cases in California and works with victims to bring violators to justice. If you believe you have been a victim of sexual harassment, contact the Carter Law Firm today to discuss with us what happened. Contacting our firm doesn’t commit you to file a lawsuit or even taking any action. We’ll keep your account of what happened completely confidential, and will simply advise you of your options.