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Being terminated from your job in any context is a serious matter, often leading to feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear about how you will be able to sustain you and your family in the present and the future. However, such feelings are compounded a hundred times if you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer, perhaps even as a punishment for taking the virtuous course of action or calling out another colleague or manager for corrupt behavior.

The feelings of frustration and anger at facing such injustice can make you feel isolated, as if the entire world is against you. However, at Carter Law Firm, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. Our wrongful termination lawyers in Newport Beach can set your situation right with our determined, aggressive approach and our detailed knowledge of wrongful termination laws.

“Employment-at-Will” Excuse

In the state of California, most employees can be terminated at any time due to the often used clause “Employment-at-Will.” The problem is that many companies and employers try to use this as a vague excuse when they want to get rid of an employee quietly, especially if they do not want to be held accountable for costly company mistakes or possible illegal activity. This is why it is important to have a seasoned attorney examine the context surrounding your termination to see if there is any unseemly or unlawful behavior involved in letting you go from your job.

Types of Exemptions to the “Employment-at-Will” Clause

There are many grounds where an employee may not be terminated under the general auspices of “Employment-at-Will”. If it can be proven that your employer terminated you on pne of these grounds in order to silence you from doing the right thing or on account of their own illegal activities, you should seek compensatory damages.

Some examples of wrongful terminations that supercede “Employment-at-Will” status include:

  • Discrimination for race, gender, disability, age, marital status, religion, pregnancy, or nationality, either by a colleague or by management
  • Fired or demoted while on emergency leave to care for an ill family member, or on account of their own physical or mental needs
  • Retaliation for reporting discrimination and/or harassment
  • Retailiation for “whistle-blowing” on the company violations
  • For refusing to engage in illegal activity at the workplace
  • For reporting workplace hazards or paystub violations

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Results That Speak for Themselves

  • Cisco $20 Million
  • Confidential Defendant $17.4 Million
  • Bank of America $16.7 Million
  • Abercrombie & Fitch $9.6 Million
  • Toys 'R' Us $7.5 Million
  • Verizon Wireless $6.9 Million
  • Big Lots $6.5 Million
  • Sprint $4.9 Million
  • Paramount $2.4 Million
  • Bed Bath & Beyond $2 Million

Recoverable Damages

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your wrongful termination, you could recover payment for lost wages, benefits, career damage, and the emotional trauma you have suffered at the hands of your employer. You may even be able to recover punitive damages for willful misconduct. All of this can be accomplished if you have our wrongful termination attorneys in Newport Beach at your side.

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