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Wage and hour violations are more commonplace than most people think. Sometimes wage fraud is committed by employers who are unfamiliar with the Fair Labor Standards Act laws and California laws. At other times wage and hour laws are intentionally ignored by unscrupulous employers taking advantage of employees who fear losing their jobs if they complain. There is no need to put up with abusive behavior. Our skilled wage and hour lawyers in Newport Beach can help put a stop to the illegal actions and fight for the wage benefits that you deserve.

Types of Wage & Hour Violations

California state labor laws include rules concerning minimum wage, unpaid overtime, paystub violations, and more. If your employer violates any of the laws outlined below, you are entitled to take legal action against them to recover what you are owed.

Wage and hour violations can pertain to several different rules, including:

  • Minimum wage – As of Jan. 1, 2020, minimum wage requirements for businesses with 25 employees or less is $12 an hour. Larger companies that have 26 employees or more must pay their employees at least $13 an hour.
  • Overtime – Any fulfillment of one’s job duties for more than eight hours a day or 40 hours per week is counted as overtime, and the employer is required to pay at one and one-half times their employees’ regular hourly rates. If an employee works more than 12 hours in one day, they must be paid at twice the regular hourly rate.
  • Rest and meal periods – In most cases, if an employee works more than five consecutive hours, they must be provided with an unpaid, 30-minute meal break. In addition, employees must be given a paid, 10-minute rest period for every four hours worked, preferably in the middle of that timeframe.
  • Working off the clock – California labor laws prohibit employers from forcing their employees to work off the clock – that is, any work performed for an employer that is not compensated or applied towards the employee’s weekly hours for overtime purposes. Even if the employee’s working off the clock is “unauthorized,” if the employer knew or should have known about it, they must pay the worker for those hours.
  • Expense reimbursements – Employers are required by law to reimburse employees for all necessary purchases or losses that are directly job-related. This applies to situations where the employee is making a purchase because of explicit instructions given by the employer, or as a direct consequence of carrying out his or her job duties.
  • Paystub violations – According to California employment law, employers are required to provide specific and accurate information regarding hours worked, pay rate, and deductions on an employee’s paystub. Any employee who is the victim of an employer’s intentional failure to comply with paystub laws has the right to file a lawsuit against the employer to recover damages.

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Results That Speak for Themselves

  • Cisco $20 Million
  • Confidential Defendant $17.4 Million
  • Bank of America $16.7 Million
  • Abercrombie & Fitch $9.6 Million
  • Toys 'R' Us $7.5 Million
  • Verizon Wireless $6.9 Million
  • Big Lots $6.5 Million
  • Sprint $4.9 Million
  • Paramount $2.4 Million
  • Bed Bath & Beyond $2 Million

Get an Aggressive Legal Advocate on Your Side

Our Newport Beach wage and hour attorneys have filed lawsuits and claims on behalf of many people who have lost wages due to unpaid overtime, unpaid meal breaks, and working off the clock. In addition, we have also represented those who have been harmed by misclassification of non-exempt employees into exempt categories in order to not compensate them for overtime worked.

If you believe you have a wage claim, contact the Carter Law Firm at our number (949) 239-0419 to speak to our knowledgeable employment lawyers about your case.

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