Men Are Victims of Gender Discrimination Too

Frequently, when people think about gender discrimination in the workplace, they have ideas of women being looked over for promotions or jobs because they are female. Much of the time, this is the case. Other times though, men are passed over for certain positions and jobs because of their gender, and when it happens, men often do nothing about it.

Federal and state laws also protect men from gender discrimination in the workplace. While human resources departments scrutinize policies and actions that tend to discriminate against women, they are not always looking at how the same types of policies affect men.  Here at The Carter Law Firm, a Newport Beach employment law boutique, we want to educate employees of both sexes to be knowledgeable about their rights against discrimination in the workplace.

How Companies Discriminate Against Men

In their best efforts to prevent discrimination against female employees, employers often set up policies that turn out to discriminate against men. Such policies have resulted in discrimination claims being filed in state and federal courts throughout California.

In the movie “Meet the Parents,” Robert DeNiro’s character scoffs at Ben Stiller’s character’s job – a male nurse. For DeNiro, women are supposed to be nurses, and men who do the job aren’t “real men.” These kinds of views are still pervasive in society, and they tip over into the workplace, where men have made gender discrimination claims as follows:

  • Maternity leave policies – When a company downsizes, and female employees are out on maternity leave, men are the first out because companies are not legally allowed to lay off employees out on leave. Companies try to find ways to cover their tracks. For example, in one case, the employer gave higher scores to women out on leave than men who were active employees – skewing the layoff towards the men. These kinds of tactics aren’t permitted and if you were subject to one, you should come forward.
  • Flexibility – Female employees’ requests for leave to care for their children often take precedence over male employees’ requests. This kind of gender stereotyping is not permitted.
  • Assuming that a position is more suited for a female – Men can be passed over for teaching jobs, secretarial positions, receptionist jobs, nursing jobs, hair styling positions, and accounting jobs. In some circumstances, gender can be a qualification such as with a locker room or dressing room attendants.
  • Quotas – One claim against a large restaurant chain was based on the fact that the restaurant never hired more than one male bartender. This type of quota is not allowed under Title VII.

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