Should I Be a Whistleblower and Report Violations?

A whistleblower is one who takes the initiative to report unethical or illegal activity in the workplace or elsewhere.

What and When to Report

A whistleblower alerts the proper authorities over conditions that are not correct within an organization. The violation could stem from the deviation of internal business policy to egregious manipulations of laws or regulations. In some cases, reporting these violations could result in thwarting a threat to public safety.

The decision to report a potential violation can be difficult for some people to make. They want to do what’s right, but often do not want to be caught in the middle. They also fear that speaking up could put them in jeopardy of losing their job. The government has put protective measures in place to help assure that whistleblowers can speak freely about potential violations without fear of retaliation

How You Are Protected

The United States Department of Labor has specific whistleblower protection programs to ensure that workers are protected when they report violations. Currently, there are more than 20 different statutes protecting employees who report violations in the following industries:

  • Safety
  • Health and Pharma
  • Airline
  • Commercial Motor Carrier
  • Consumer products
  • Environmental
  • Financial Reform
  • Food Safety
  • Health Insurance Reform
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • Nuclear
  • Pipeline
  • Public Transportation
  • Railroad
  • Maritime
  • Securities

Who You Should Contact

While the government has numerous avenues to report violations, many do not feel comfortable discussing these violations with government workers. There are also times when people feel that their report isn’t adequately addressed or handled.

Attorneys specializing in Whistleblower Law can help make sure your voice is heard and that your rights are protected.

The attorneys at the Carter Law Firm represent clients in a broad range of Whistleblower and False Claims matters, including those pertaining to:

  • Consumer Finance Violations
  • Energy Fraud
  • Environmental Issues
  • Fraudulent Acts Committed by Government Contractors & Employees
  • Health Insurance Fraud
  • IRS / Tax Fraud
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Qui Tam Actions
  • SEC Violations
  • Telemarketing Violations
  • Transportation Safety Violations

If you are aware of violations, please use our contact us case evaluation form, and a representative from our firm will contact you as soon as possible.