New Year’s Resolutions For Employers

Your company’s New Year’s resolutions may include expanding staff, taking on new projects, or moving into a higher tax bracket, but avoiding lawsuits should also be on the top of your priority list. Here are five ways to start a successful new chapter for your business this year.

Let Employees Out on Time

No matter how many projects your company takes on this year, avoid overtime lawsuits by allowing your employees to leave on time. This new perspective on timely dismissals shouldn’t just be when your workers clock out for the day; also emphasize the importance of taking meal and rest breaks.

Be More Open-Minded With Job Applicants

Avoid discrimination allegations this year by reviewing potential new hires with unbiased eyes. While interviewing applicants, never ask them about their religious affiliation, marital status, credit history, age, racial background, or anything else that doesn’t directly pertain to the job in question. This year, make it a goal to review the workplace discrimination laws before every new round of hiring.

Update Employee Handbook

Start the new year off with a clean legal slate by updating your employee handbook. Enlist the help of your human resources department or contact an employment lawyer to make sure your policies fall within legal parameters. Your employee handbook should clearly define what is required of each employee, and you should constantly be striving to improve it. Make it a goal to go over the handbook with employees every year, so they understand what they are entitled to.

Promote Health and Wellness

Studies show promoting healthy lifestyles is a crucial component of a successful staff. Encouraging a work/life balance means giving your employees time to visit the doctor for annual checkups and take vacation time. Both of these periods away from the office are crucial for mental and physical wellbeing, as well as being legally required for many employees. Make health and wellness a priority this year and you’ll also avoid potential wage and hour violations.

Involve More Employees in Projects

Whether it’s setting up decorations for the annual holiday party or brainstorming a massive proposal, get input from more employees this year. Encouraging involvement is an effective way to boost office morale and promote open communication. Remember, sometimes the revolutionary ideas come from the workers who are too shy to speak up.

Feel free to share these easily attainable goals with your leadership staff. If they don’t comply with legal standards, exercise your right to hire an employment attorney who can improve your working conditions.

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