Six Reasons to Start The New Year With a New Job

With the start of a new year comes a clean slate to improve your personal and professional life. Review the helpful acronym “enough” to determine if a fresh start with a new company is right for you.

Every Hour You Check The Time

Do you spend more time checking the clock than getting work done? This is a clear sign you are not investing your time in a meaningful career. Whether you’re an intern or a top executive, find your passion in the new year and follow it!

Not Adequately Paid

One of the main incentives for working is to pay your bills, and if you’re not being adequately compensated for your work, it’s time to look for new opportunities. If your employer is denying you sufficient meal and rest breaksovertime pay, or proper itemized wage statements, it’s time to contact an employment lawyer. You can start the new year with a new career, but you should also be properly compensated for the time you spent with your last company.

Office Environment is Uncomfortable

Your employer is legally required to provide you with an office environment that is safe and free from discrimination. If you feel uncomfortable in your workplace for any reason, you should be able to address the issue with your management staff and collaborate on a resolution. If you can’t reach a resolution, consider submitting your resignation.


Have you been denied promotions even though you have the most experience? Your current company may not value the work you put in, but this doesn’t mean every boss will treat you poorly. Take on new challenges by finding a business that will truly appreciate your expertise and help you grow as an employee.

Glancing at Other Opportunities

If you’re already looking at job openings, it’s time to stop skimming the descriptions and start submitting your resume. You’ll never know what other opportunities await until you put yourself out there and start meeting with potential employers.

Human Resources Hasn’t Helped

Your human resources department can be an effective tool for settling office disputes, but if the same problems persist, it could be time to leave this unpleasant environment altogether.

Know your worth in the workplace by contacting Carter Law Firm to learn your employment and consumer rights.