The Benefits of Class Action Lawsuits

A single stick can easily be snapped in half, but when bundled together with other sticks, it can gain strength and stability. Remember this anecdote of power in numbers. Here are four benefits to combining your case with other plaintiffs in the same situation.

Less Personal

Even the most passionate plaintiffs can get stage fright when it’s time to take the stand and give testimony in front of dozens of people regarding a personal matter. A class action allows you to voice your concerns on behalf of yourself and all others similarly situated, typically without the need to project your concerns into a court microphone for everyone to hear. As a matter of fact, class representatives usually never step foot into the courtroom. For the most part, the hired guns fight your legal battle for you and the class in court.

Virtually Free to Join

If you are a member of the class it costs you nothing to participate and you will receive a portion of any settlement or judgment awarded if it is a success. This legal process can be incredibly beneficial for people who have small claims that would otherwise be too expensive to litigate on their own. Also, as the class representative, you will usually receive an enhanced award for acting as the voice of the people suffering the same mistreatment.

Relatively Convenient

The judicial process can sometimes drag out for months or years, but as a class representative or member of the class, you typically won’t be required to attend any court hearings. If you are the class representative, you may only need to consult with an attorney a few times in person or over the phone. You typically will not have to worry about taking time off from work or school to attend meetings or hearings.

Quality Representation

Class actions involving hundreds or thousands of people typically attract superior legal representation. The more experience your attorney has, the better chance you have of receiving compensation for your case.

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