Are You Exempt From Overtime?

The joy of a new job can blind you with excitement, but it can also be an eye-opening experience when you realize the major money you’re missing out on if you are misclassified as exempt from overtime pay. Unless you meet certain criteria, there’s a good chance you could be eligible for overtime compensation. Use the information below as a guide in determining if you are potentially owed additional compensation when you work overtime.

Typically Entitled

Your job title and duties are incredibly important when considering overtime eligibility. If your job does not require advanced knowledge and education, management of other employees, nor “white-collar” office work, you could have a case for overtime compensation. There are multiple factors that must be met in order to truly exempt a salary employee from overtime. For a breakdown of those requirements, visit our website and read through our potential exemptions for the overtime section.stressed employee

What You’re Entitled To

For working over eight hours a day or more than forty hours per week, employees are generally entitled to one and one-half times their regular rate of pay. For working over twelve hours in a single day or for working a seventh consecutive day, employees are entitled to receive double pay. While the primary recovery sought in overtime cases is the payment of the overtime wages, California law also allows for the recovery of various forms of penalties as well as costs and attorneys’ fees. These provisions are of significant benefit to workers who are considering bringing wage and hour claims, as the legal work involved in prosecuting such cases through trial and/or any necessary appeals can be substantial.

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