Four Secret Workplace Rights You Need to Know

We’re clearing out the spider webs in the supply closet to reveal some workplace rights you’ve potentially never been told. Whether you’re a new hire or an employee with tenure, here are the four-employee rights you may not know you have.

Personnel File

As an employee, you have the right to review your personnel file. This right is also valid for a limited time after you leave a job but you should act quickly if you want a copy. Under California law, employers are also required to give you a copy of any job-related documents that bear your signature when you ask for them.


Your employer is generally allowed to monitor workplace communications like business calls and computer usage. However, the California Invasion of Privacy Act prevents your employer from recording conversations without your consent.

Itemized Wage Statements

Getting paid at the end of your week may seem like your top priority, but receiving a copy of your pay stub can be just as crucial. Under California law, employers are required to provide itemized wage statements with each paycheck distributed to an employee in a timely manner. While these payment breakdowns may seem like an extra piece of unwanted paper, they should truly be considered a safety net for catching any wage discrepancies.

Sick Leave

As of January 1st, 2015, California employers are required to provide you with paid sick leave. To qualify, you must work for the same employer for at least 30 days during a year. For every 30 hours you work, you accrue one hour of paid sick leave until you earn at least 24 hours or 3 days worth of time. This law applies to private and public employees working for companies of every size.

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